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image002Therapeutic Solutions Training was established in New Zealand in 2007 by clinical director Sarah Mather with a goal to provide courses for rehabilitation professionals that combine theory, research and practical treatment strategies to enhance their clinical practice.

These courses are ideal for rehabilitation professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Education Specialists, Nursing and care staff.

12th January, 2017

New Courses Now Available

Go to our current timetable to see new courses that are now available for bookings.

14th December 2017

Simply head to our Bookings page to request a booking for 2017 courses.

11th November 2016

TimeTable and 2017 Courses Live!

We’ve now uploaded the majority of our courses – a few yet to come. Go check out our TimeTable or click straight to Courses to find out more info and/or book online now.

7th November 2016

Website Upgrade!

We’re very happy to finally showcase our new website upgrade – bookings will be up in the New Year and our system is going to be much more streamlined and digital friendly. We hope you enjoy the updated look and extra information.